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🎉 40 🎂

🎂May 1🎉 | 14°C 🌦 | DAY 400 @ 🏡

I’m old now. We had sushi for dinner and gourmet cinnamon rolls for dessert. We tried to spend some time outside this afternoon, but we got rained out in less than ten minutes.

On the bright side after two months I woke up in my bedroom this morning. We still need to do some touch up on the paint, but with school starting again on Monday I needed to hurry up and get our furniture back in there. We’re on a deadline here. I’ll post a video about the progress of the bedroom in the near future.

I got a notification that I will be graduating with a double major in Film and English this June. During that time I will be taking an 18 credit course load, this way I will only need 9 credits to graduating again with a four year degree in English this December. I’m trying to get my GPA a little higher to open new opportunities. If I can boost my GPA, that will give me the option to get into education, law school or possibly pick up an MA in Cultural Studies. Since I will likely remain unemployed until December anyway, this works out.

While I compress a full school year into six weeks I am laying the groundwork for some creative projects. I started a couple of podcasts for class, and after thinking about how much time I’ll be spending at home this year, it won’t take up a lot of my time to continue with them. They were fun to do, and could make useful additions to a creative profile. It’s surprising how many listings for podcast producer are showing up in my job hunt. I’m also getting footage together for a vlog I’m working on. It won’t be a daily or weekly vlog, it will just be posted whenever I have something to post, so I’m giving my vlog and podcasts their own YouTube channels to help diversify them, while cross posting the to my personal account. Oh, and there is the comic and the creative writing.

At this point I’m starting to think I should just start a content creation agency. Then I can work on all the things I like to do. I have about 30 years until retirement (I want to work until I am 70), and that is a long time to do work a job that makes you miserable. I’m going to make an effort to do work that makes me happy.