Status: Busy

November 5 | 12°C 🌥 | DAY 223 @ 🏠 When I’m not working towards a film/English degree, I am performing the role of “Kindergarten Teacher” while my daughter does her remote schooling. She’ll be going back to school when they back down on some of the COVID-19 restrictions. During this past week I have… Read More Status: Busy

Status: Exhausted

September 14 | 14°C ☁️ | DAY 171 @ 🏠 I have now been unemployed for a week and a full time university student for a week. I feel just as busy as I have ever been. Possibly more so. Instead of “going to work” I have been spending my days learning and being a… Read More Status: Exhausted

Status: Accomplished

September 2 | 12°C 🌧 | DAY 159 @ 🏠 Today I received the final textbook I’ll need for this term. possibly for the year depending on how the Winter term goes. I finally got my degree audit done and found out I qualify for a double major. Today I officially declared it, the departments… Read More Status: Accomplished