Status: Updates

January 21 | -1°C 🌒| DAY 300 @ 🏡 Pixel 4A (5G) Pixel 4A (5G) It has pros and cons. It’s not a love/hate relationship that I have with this phone, it is more of an indifferent/irritated relationship. The iPhone was so intuitive, it felt like an extension of myself. With the Pixel, I find myself… Read More Status: Updates

Status: Relieved

December 19 | -3°C ☁️ | DAY 267 @ 🏠 Classes are over for the term. The one exam I had is over, and left me feeling anxious. Not sure how I did on it. At this moment, I really don’t care about it. I’m putting it all out of my mind until after January… Read More Status: Relieved

Status: Stressed

November 27 | 2°C 🌤 | DAY 245 @ 🏠 School is getting to me. Too many deadlines building up at once. Not sure how I’d be handling this if I had a job right now. Money is constantly a stress on my mentality. Christmas shopping is complete. Spent more than I’m happy with. Also… Read More Status: Stressed

Status: Lockdown 2.0

November 14 | 2°C ☁️ | DAY 232 @ 🏠 Have I mentioned that the days are blurring together yet? I have to admit, lockdown in the winter isn’t all that bad. For one thing, I don’t have to leave the house and freeze to death, or risk getting my car stuck somewhere. On the… Read More Status: Lockdown 2.0