School’s Out! For now…

April 25 | 4°C ☁️ | DAY 394 @ 🏡 

📖 Life on Mars: Poems by Tracy K. Smith

This has been a long month. I have been working on the bedroom for the past month (video coming soon) and working on final projects for four classes. I just submitted my final project on Friday and finished painting the bedroom this morning (I just need to do a little touch up work) so now I have a week off.

Back when I thought this summer was going to offer me more work than I could handle, I signed up to take some online classes at Film Training Manitoba. Given the way things are going right now, I don’t anticipate a busy summer, so I’m going to spend this week getting myself certified to be on set as per DGC standards. That way when work does pick up again I’ll be ready. I’m even considering getting myself certified to fly a small drone.

Next week I turn 40 and then start taking a few extra university classes this spring. I’m putting myself in a position to go back to school and get my fourth year BA in English if I want it in two semesters or less. Until then, I’ll just setting for that three year English/Filmmaking double major that I will be receiving this spring.

I’m currently trying to figure out my next step. I have a pitch package and a script ready to develop Séance into a short film. I also have the first chapter of a mystery novel that needs the remainder of the book written. I have found myself enjoying the cartooning process again. I’m also wanting to continue that podcast I started for school back in February. I’m starting to think I should just start a production company so I can work on these creative projects and apply for grants to make them happen.

All that will need to wait until July before that can happen. I am still acting as a teacher for a few hours a day, while my daughter does her remote learning.