Status: March

March 11 | -12°C 🌘 | DAY 349 @ 🏡
📖 “The Social Photo: On Photography and Social Media” by Nathan Jurgenson

  • Good News/Bad News:
    • Good News: We got our new mattress today.
    • Bad News: We’ve been sleeping on our sectional for two weeks and I’m not sure I remember how a mattress works.
    • Good News: We got our roof fixed.
    • Bad News: It cost us over $800.
    • Good News: We don’t have asbestos in our bedroom ceiling.
    • Bad News: Insurance doesn’t want to cover the damages
    • Good News: They’re covering the costs of testing for asbestos and ripping open my ceiling to assess the damage to the attic.
    • Bad News: We’re still sleeping in our living room.
    • Good News: Now we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor instead of the sectional.
    • More Good News: I got three assignments back this week, and they were all in the A range.
    • Possibly Bad News: I just handed in an essay that might be my first <A- this term.
  • Tomorrow afternoon some contractors are stopping by to rip open my bedroom ceiling to assess the damage to the attic. Good thing my wife is off work tomorrow, as I’m sure it’ll be noisy as hell in the house.
  • I have to venture into the basement tomorrow to retrieve some books. I have a research project coming up, and I know I already own half the research materials I need to do this project, I just need to find them.
  • Classes end in three weeks. Then I have a month of independent projects. On the bright side, I’m going to have completed my double major by the end of April and have my diploma by the end of June. Still, I’m thinking I may come back in the spring, summer and fall. My grades have improved enough this year, I might actually be able to apply for grad school. It’s only one my year of school that I’ll need to endure, and my job prospects aren’t exactly all that enticing at the moment, so if the option for remote learning is still there, I’m thinking why not?