Podcast: Mark’s Movie Matinee – North By Northwest

I just recorded the first episode of Mark’s Monday Matinee over on Anchor. It was a huge learning experience. I’m not entirely happy with this episode, but I did it for a school project, and got a little out of my comfort zone. I may do another one next week with a different set of rules to follow. My recording process will be different too. I probably shouldn’t have used a school project to experiment with a new workflow.

Episode #1: North By Northwest 🍿MARK'S MONDAY MATINEE🎥

In this episode I made for my Screen Studies class I discuss the 1959 Hitchcock classic “North by Northwest.” In this episode I discuss how it falls into the “Thriller” genre in 25 minutes or less. I apologize for the background noise, as this was recorded in Canada in a -35 degree windchill with my heat on full blast. Feel free to leave constructive criticism so I can improve future episodes. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/marksmondaymatinee/message

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