Status: 📖Reading Week Begins📚

February 13| -30°C 🌒 | DAY 323 @ 🏡
📖 “The Social Photo: On Photography and Social Media” by Nathan Jurgenson

The cat has been visiting me a lot more while I’m in class. I think he has come to realize I am a captive audience and cannot leave my chair until I close my laptop. Around three times a day he’ll wander in and start meowing at me, usually when I’m about to be called upon to speak on camera. Zoom life.
  • I am off school this week, which means I can hopefully finish, start and catch up on assignments. I have a podcast due this Wednesday, a comic I need to finish drawing on Friday, two poems and a report due the following Monday and another report and a rough cut of my comic-turned-film due on the Tuesday. All while being a stay at home dad who still has to be a Kindergarten teacher/entertainer for 8 hours a day.
  • The other day I discovered that I had signed up for Webtoon and Wattpad a while back and forgot all about them. I will likely start posting on them in April, especially if I am still unemployed. I have been building up a portfolio of creative works over the past few months, and it would be nice to have a place to post/continue them when I am done with university. I could post them on a blog, but I want them to be read/viewed by their target demographics.
  • I am not entirely sure why I keep my Twitter, Periscope and Medium accounts. I suppose I am holding out hope for the day I will have a use for them. I check Twitter a couple of times to read the news, and it’s as stressfully and annoying as the news on Facebook. Not the news itself, but the commentary on each post. Good Lord, I almost miss the days of no social media.
  • I placed an order the other day for supplies. I almost have everything I need to start my next project. It was going to be a “30 Day-Winter Only” project, but I’m getting a late start on it, so I might make it a “one weekend a month for a full year” project.
  • When I lost my job in September I thought I would be struggling to find something to do with my time. Instead, I find myself needing more hours in the day and more days in the week. There is a part of me longs for a vacation when school is done, but I just want to start working again.

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