February – Bright and Early!

February 1| -9°C 🌖 | DAY 311 @ 🏡
📖 “The Social Photo: On Photography and Social Media” by Nathan Jurgenson

  • I’ve been drawing a comic on my iPad for the pat couple of days. The script is finished, so I’ve been in the process of breaking it down to make it work as a comic instead of a movie. Drawing on the iPad is something that gets easier everyday. I was hesitant at first, but it’s winning me over. I’m just inking page 3 right now, so at this rate I should be finished by Valentine’s Day. Clip Studio Pro is the app I am using for this project. I’m not thrilled that it’s a subscription based app, but it’s affordable. More so than Photoshop. I might keep doing things digitally after this.
  • For another class of mine, I need to do a pilot episode of a podcast series that focuses on analyzing/reviewing a movie. So I have started researching and will probably start recording the first episode of Mark’s Monday Matinee. If I continue with it, I will watch a classic movie over a weekend, research, analyze, review, record and then post it every Monday afternoon. Funny thing is, I have a mixer, XLR microphones, and a recording system, but instead, I am recording the whole thing on the iPad Pro. I am getting my money’s worth out of that device.
  • I think I am falling behind on my participation in other classes. I probably should have taken just the two classes this term and went back for a third in the spring. The idea of being done with school in April was just too appealing. Good thing I’m unemployed. Without the need to sleep, I may get everything done after all.
  • We watched then Royal Rumble tonight. It was a fun show. I let my daughter watch the Women’s Royal Rumble before she went to bed, and got super excited to see Bianca Belair win. I am so proud that I can enjoy this with her. She also told me that Vince McMahon is Principal Skinner. I had to laugh, but now I can’t unsee it.
  • I’m supposed to be making a list of all the TV I watch over the week, but I have found all I have watched this past week has been American Gods, WandaVision and the Royal Rumble. Other than that, I have been pretty focused on my school work.
  • I was supposed to do a video in January on bullet journaling. I was only able to keep up with it for half the month, so I may back burner that video for one that doesn’t require as much of a time commitment.
Just for the hell of it, here is a picture of our cat. He looks angry, but for some reason likes to pose for photos.