Still not organized enough

January 25 | -25°C 🌔 | DAY 304 @ 🏡 | 📖 “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King

I’ve been going through my files and folders all afternoon and most of the evening to find some first drafts in wrote years ago, and can’t find them anywhere. I was wanting to give them another look and see about revising them into a second draft, but they seem to have vanished. My last hope is that they might be on an external hard drive somewhere.

When I finish my classes tomorrow I may have to start digging though a dozen boxes in the basement to recover the hard drive. It might require less effort to just rewrite them from memory as best as I can. The only downside to doing that is I’d be writing them as the man I am today, and not the man who wrote them five to seven years ago. They might be better if I rewrote them now, but I feel like I’d be writing a imitation of a story I once read. It might come down to that. Instead, I might just say “The hell with it!” and write something entirely different.

I should still find that hard drive. Once I do I need to back up all my work to the cloud and thumb drives, and print out copies to keep in binders in the event of an electromagnetic pulse.