2021 – Not a bad start

January 3 | -3°C 🌖 | DAY 282 @ 🏡

Hoar Frost
  • It’s a new year, and I think I finally found my hobby. I’m going to do one video a month and post it on my new YouTube channel.
  • I spent the past four hours researching and setting up a bullet journal. If I can force myself to update it everyday, it might keep me on track over the next four months.
  • At the request of our five year old, we watched the live action Dora The Explorer movie. Having watched the cartoon with her over the past five years, this movie ended up being a pleasant surprise. Kinda like Shrek, it is aimed at children, but has something for the adults as well.
  • The hoar frost was a pretty cool site to see this morning. I was a little bummed I put away all my camera stuff last night. Rather than unpacking my camera and lenses, I just took a picture through a dirty window with my iPhone camera. Maybe I’ll wake up early enough this week to get some good pictures.
  • I have come to accept I will be unemployed and probably under lockdown for a few more months, so I’m going to make the most of it and start working on all those projects “that I would do if only I had the time!” My wife gave me the go ahead to start cleaning up the basement and building a new work bench so I can start working on some of this stuff in peace. Now I just have to get to it.

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