NYE Status: It’s almost over! 🎉

December 31 | -8°C ☁️ | DAY 279 @ 🏡

  • Today I received a cable for my Røde VideoMic NTG. It is an adapter that will let me record directly to my iPad Pro. I quickly tested it out this afternoon and was not disappointed. I am waiting for one more accessory to arrive, and then I will have a reliable/portable vlogging/podcasting station. It should also make my Zoom presentations look and sound a lot nicer.
  • This year was a train-wreck, and the best we can hope is next year is better. The world won’t get better overnight, but it feels like a fresh start is needed. It would be great if we could start this year off on a positive note.
  • I learned a lot this year. I learned:
    1. The phrase “avoid ___________ like the plague” is absolute bullshit. So many humans refuse to acknowledge there is a plague.
    2. I also learned I could have been working from home for years.
    3. I really enjoy writing.
    4. The Great Gatsby is a great book.
    5. The Great Gatsby isn’t a great movie
    6. My life in lockdown is really no different than before. Only difference is now I don’t have to make up excuses to not go out to social things.
    7. Filmmaking might not be the career for me.
    8. Nobody in my house can stand the taste of eggnog.
    9. How it feels to take a COVID test.
    10. I need to start living healthier.
    11. I really need a hobby.
  • It is only 9:30pm and I can already hear fireworks going off in the neighbourhood.
  • From the sound of things this upcoming week will be fairly warm out. At least by the typical January standards. I may start going for walks again rather than waiting until spring. I was going to buy a treadmill this year, but we didn’t sell our house, so we didn’t buy one with room for a home gym. Plus, I ended up unemployed.
  • I gained too much weight this December. I need to dedicate an hour a day to just being active. I may have to drop a couple classes that I don’t actually need to make room in my life for this.
  • I have applied for four jobs over the past week. Two of them likely won’t happen until I am done with school. At this point I’ll just be happy with an interview. The lack of responses I am getting from most companies is destroying my self esteem. I quit my job recently so I could go to school so I could have the qualifications I was lacking to apply for these job. It’s got me in a place where I start to wonder if I made a huge mistake leaving a stable job to go to school.
  • I was hoping I could finish one more book before the end of 2020. I guess I’ll be finishing it on January 1st instead. I have more books on my Kindle than I think I will ever read. Some of them I keep forgetting about. I have a few on there I keep putting off until “later.” Just like everything in my Audible library.