Waiting for the year to end

December 28 | -16°C 🌔| DAY 276 @ 🏚

I spent this evening plotting out a new script. It’s already more expensive than I want it to be, so I may need to write another one before I request to change the subject of my project to something else. My new script is one I can film by myself with just myself in frame. The expensive part is building sets and props. The new story feels hopeless and pessimistic. I think this year is getting to me. I may write something a little more light hearted. I don’t want to have to work on a depressing story for the next four months.

In Other News:

  • I have been researching bullet journals. I’m thinking it would be a fun way to customize my notebooks. I have a system set up for the next four months already. It doesn’t look as fancy as anything I have seen online. I fact, mine look rather messy and boring.
  • I was going to wait until May to start exercising daily, but I accidentally signed up for Fitbit Premium, and my kid really likes it. Since I’m getting my money’s worth out of it, starting tomorrow, we get up early and exercise before breakfast. This will also count as her gym class until she goes back to school.
  • I have been thinking about building a shed. I have to surrender my home office, as my kid is getting older, and I really don’t want to relocate to the basement. I find I don’t need a lot for what I do. I just need a quiet writing/researching area, and a shed is considerably cheaper than building a new room in the basement. If we don’t sell this house in the next two years then that is what I will need to do.

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