Status: Relieved

December 19 | -3°C ☁️ | DAY 267 @ 🏠

Exams are over. My grades are in “The Lord’s” hands now.

Classes are over for the term. The one exam I had is over, and left me feeling anxious. Not sure how I did on it. At this moment, I really don’t care about it. I’m putting it all out of my mind until after January 15th.

My workload for next term just doubled, so I’ll have to spend part of my time off either rewriting a script, or doing character designs.

Starting in January I need to begin production on my film, still not sure what format it will be, I may have to do it as a podcast. Will also be building a portfolio of poems and short stories for another class, and then writing at least two more essays/research papers and some creative alternatives. I picked a good time to not have a job, because this will likely consume 40 hours a week from January to April.

I’ve been thinking about going back for a fourth year so I can get my masters, but I think I’ve had enough. I’m ready to start working again. I’m currently researching companies I want to work for/with in the new year. By the time I hand in my final assignments I’d like to be doing interviews for a full-time job again. Possibly even contract work. Just something. The boredom and lack of income are getting to me.


  • To combat the boredom I have put aside a notebook. I need to work on routine and my creative process, so I’ve decided to dedicate an hour in the mornings to working on short stories and revising them before submitting to magazines. I just need an excuse to get out of bed in the morning before 10am. If I don’t have a job by the time I’m done school, I at least need to have a manuscript ready for submission to publishers.
  • Yesterday was the kid’s last day of school until the new year, so she and I get to hang out and relax for a couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to the snow, but I did promise to help her build a snowman or ten, so if it snows this week I’m hoping it’s the sticky snowman building stuff.
  • I was really hoping to capture a picture of Jupiter and Saturn tonight. Unfortunately the sky is all cloudy, so there is no chance tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night is clear, because when the first quarter of the moon comes out on Monday, photos will be near impossible.