Status: Antisocial?

December 9 |2°C 🌧 | DAY 257 @ 🏠

  • I finished the last of the Phillip Marlowe books entirely written by Raymond Chandler. The one I’m reading right now was only partially written by Chandler. He died while he was writing it, so they brought in someone else to finish it. It feels like it was his first draft. Knowing the original author didn’t write the entire thing himself has me going in with the impression that it won’t be as good as the previous novels. The name of the new author slips my mind at the moment, but from what I hear, he wrote one more Phillip Marlowe novel before going off to write his own characters.
  • I had to watch It’s A Wonderful Life for one of my classes this week. I never realized what a cartoon character Jimmy Stewart was before this. I’ve seen the the movie countless times in the past, but never really watched it closely. I’m finding a lot of these classic films have not aged well.
  • As of this Friday I have my final exam of the term, possibly my final post secondary exam ever. I have seven days to write it. Then I’m done school until January. I’ll still be working on my film project over the holidays, mostly so I’ll have time to get it all done, and because I really want to do some artwork for it, and that will be frustrating. I know what I want, but I don’t think it will ever be good enough.
  • I’m hoping to have time to work on my business website. It’s been neglected, and I need to start posting some work samples and advertising some freelance proofreading and copy editing services. If I don’t do it this month, it won’t happen until April, and that’s when I’m hoping to start working again. On the bright side I’ll have a much larger portfolio of creative works when April rolls around. I should have a third script written by then, as well as a few more short stories and poetry samples.
  • I actually thought about submitting to Harlequin, because they always seem to be buying stories, but the story requirements made my stomach churn. It made me want to write a 70,000 word romance novel that followed all their rules, but alienated all their readers. I still might write that and put it on Amazon or Apple’s bookstore just for a laugh. On second thought, that’s a lot of effort to put into a joke, and by the third revision I don’t think I’d find it funny anymore. If I’m going to write a novel, it’s going to have to be something I’m passionate about. Too bad romance novels don’t do it for me.
  • The snow is suppose to come down tomorrow. That’s unfortunate. I can hear it raining right now. I was just thinking about how nice it was that the roads were dry, so when it does snow there won’t be that thin layer of ice under the snow. Every. Damn. Year. Oh well, it’s not like I’m leaving the house for anything this year. I should plug my car in, you know, just in case I do have to leave the house for something.
  • It’s kinda sad that I keep seeing that Clint Eastwood meme and feel like I’m being personally attacked.