Status: I have no idea what day it is.

November 30 |0°C 🌤 | DAY 248 @ 🏠

  • I spend the day watching The Great Gatsby (horrible movie) and reading The Great Gatsby (fantastic book).
  • I think I’ve done enough research on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tomorrow I can start draft one of my essay.
  • I submitted an assignment yesterday and late this evening the realization that I made a huge mistake hit me. Too late to do anything about it now.
  • I watched Rocks tonight for my Screen Studies class. It was a pretty good film.
  • Finally got our wrapping paper delivery the other day. So we may as well start wrapping and delivering Christmas presents now since it doesn’t look like there will be any family gatherings this year.
  • Less than two weeks until exams. Then I have about a month off. Plenty of time to find a hobby.