Status: Stressed

November 27 | 2°C 🌤 | DAY 245 @ 🏠

  • School is getting to me. Too many deadlines building up at once. Not sure how I’d be handling this if I had a job right now. Money is constantly a stress on my mentality.
  • Christmas shopping is complete. Spent more than I’m happy with. Also had to put done thousand dollars to replaces our eves troughs and down spouts. Still think I have to replace my deck and balcony in the next year or two.
  • As I said before, I’m also unofficially teaching kindergarten. That’s stressing me out too, because I feel like I should be teaching her more than I am, because she’s catching on faster than I expect. Not sure if she’s too advanced for this, or if I’m not teaching her enough. I think she’ll be excited to go back to school one day.
  • I think I just finished the fourth revision of my script. It’s going to need another revision. Due to COVID cases increasing, I’m not going to be able to film this until possibly 2022, so I’m going to produce it as a podcast instead. Not thrilled by that prospect, but at least I’ll have something to show for my work AND be able to pass the class and graduate. For now, I need to work on my budget and script breakdown.
  • I’ll be spending all next week reading and watching The Great Gatsby on repeat for a paper I have due in seven days. I read it twice this year, and watched the movie once. The movie irritated me. It felt like they removed aspects of the book that felt important to me, but added scenes and other elements that had no right being there. I’ll have things to say in this essay, I just hope they don’t go against me.
  • I purchased back I let it lapse a while back, thinking I’d never need it again. I got to thinking, when I graduate, I may want to self-publish some fiction, and that seems like a good place to post it.
  • I have just about hit my reading goal for 2020. Unfortunately, it may just cost me my Kindle. I’ve had it a year and a half, and at first it would got 4-6 weeks between charges. Now it goes maybe 2-3 days. I thought about buying a new one since today is Black Friday. I’m going to hold off for now, but if we are ever able to travel again, I’m going to need one that will last the duration of a vacation.
  • I’m thinking about taking up yoga or something that I can do from my living room. Since the weather began to change, and the place I used to go for my afternoon walks for shut down due to lockdown. I’m feeling horribly out of shape right now, and as it gets colder that’s only going to get worse and add to my stress.
  • I noticed I’m having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. It really shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s likely due to my insomnia, but it could also be stress related, or depression. I’m feeling like I lack purpose these days, and that makes it difficult to get out of bed and face the world. Also, fifteen minutes on Facebook makes me want to go back to bed and not wake up until the world loses internet access.
  • Why yes, I AM very interested in that COVID-19 vaccine, why do you ask?