The Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing Edition

After eight months of trying to get a Nintendo Switch we finally got one off of Amazon, and we didn’t have to pay $800 for it! Now that Manitoba is looking at a four week lockdown, this console arrived at just the right time. The only one they had was the Animal Crossing edition, which is fine, it didn’t cost anymore than the basic version. Strange that it didn’t come with a copy of Animal Crossing though. I may have to order a copy as my wife has enjoyed previous versions in the past and my kid things the characters are cute. We did get Mario Cart and Luigi’s Mansion, and they are both a lot of fun for the kid, as well as for the wife and I.

I’m horrible at Mario Cart, but this game is so fun!

I haven’t owned a Nintendo since I was a kid and the Super Nintendo came out. Since then I have owned two Sony Playstations and two Xbox systems. I associated Nintendo with games for kids, which is why I wanted to get one for my daughter. The controllers are the perfect size for her, and the games we got for her keep her happy. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia because of the characters in the games, but playing these games with her brings back fond memories of that Super Nintendo. Also, the pure joy of just playing these games makes me believe I really have been missing out by refusing to play in the Nintendo ecosystem.

Check out the detail they put into this thing!

I’ve been looking at the Xbox Series X, but I think I’ll hold out for the Nintendo Switch Pro that I’ve been hearing about. I may even pick up a Switch Lite instead, just so I can play games on it that I’d normally play on the Xbox. The only thing I feel the Xbox has over the Switch consoles is the ability to stream to Twitch.tv without needing to hook up a computer and a capture device. I do like that there is one button that lets you share clips and photos of gameplay to Facebook and Twitter…and blogs like this…