Status: Busy

November 5 | 12°C 🌥 | DAY 223 @ 🏠

Had to redecorate the office again.
  • When I’m not working towards a film/English degree, I am performing the role of “Kindergarten Teacher” while my daughter does her remote schooling. She’ll be going back to school when they back down on some of the COVID-19 restrictions. During this past week I have learned something: I have no interest in being a teacher. I’m not saying I find it difficult, I’m actually having a lot of fun teaching her, but I think we may have taught her a little too much as she gets bored because she already knows a lot of this. To keep her engaged I’ve added LEGO, Playdoh and nature walks to our daily routine.
  • As you can see in the picture above, I had to redesign the home office again. Now it’s a classroom. It’s a good thing she and I are the only students in the house, otherwise we’d run out of office space.
  • Speaking of the office redesign, I may have to redesign it again. I need to build a stop motion studio for my next student film. I need to do it in a spot where the set won’t be disturbed, so I may have to develop a small section of my basement, in which case I’m just going to relocate my whole office down there. Then the current office will become a library/study area for the kid.
  • I’ve started work on my research paper. The topic is The Great Gatsby. I have three papers to read, a book to read-read and a movie to watch. Due on the same day I also have to do research on All That Heaven Allows. I can probably get both done by the end of the weekend, but I have peer-edited script review due this Tuesday, so that takes priority for now, but after that I have to get these research assignments out of the way.
  • Since today is Guy Fawkes Day my wife made Shepherds Pie for dinner. It’s just something we do instead of burning effigies. It’s always nice when I’m not the one who has to make dinner.
  • I finally had time to play some games on the Xbox One this weekend. Not sure when I’ll have time again. That makes it hard to justify buying that new Xbox Series X console. It’s also hard to justify buying something like that without a job. I may have to start a Twitch stream to justify that.
  • The kid’s birthday is coming up soon. Then Christmas is around the corner. I look forward to doing all my shopping online this year. Again. I’m not looking forward to digging the tree out of the basement and then trying to remember what I did with all the decorations. When I put them away back in January I seem to recall “Past Mark” saying “That’s a FUTURE Mark problem. We’re moving this summer. We’ll figure it out when we get to the new house.” Too bad we didn’t actually move this year. Past Mark is such an asshole.
  • I applied for an internship the other night. It’s the first time I have seen an internship posting that I was actually excited to apply for. That being said, there is probably a couple hundred (or more) other English majors who have set their sights on this internship for exact same reason.
  • I’ve been reading a lot of Raymond Chandler books this year. Specially the Phillip Marlowe series. Right now I’m on track to finish that series by the end of the year. I’m not kidding when I say the Kindle has been the best money I have ever spent. It’s nice to finish a book and then press a button and download the next in the series for $0.99.
  • After years of horrible Internet reliability, my ISP finally sent me a new modem/router. It’s only when you swap out a modem that you find out just how many objects in your house need to be reset when they no longer work. TV boxes, Alexa speakers, iPads, iPhones, Cameras, Computers, Game Consoles, Printers, Security System, Automation Devices, etc. Smart Home indeed. I never want to deal with another modem/router swap until we buy a new house, which will then be a “Future Mark” problem.