Status: Wide Awake

October 11 | 10°C 🌥 | DAY 198 @ 🏠

A “one of a kind” No Prize to the first person who can correctly guess the movie this image is from.
  • The above image is from the inspiration portfolio I’m working on for my next student film. I’m not going for comedy this time, unless you’re twisted.
  • I forgot that this week is reading week. I have four assignments due by the end of the month, so I am hoping to get them all out of the way by the end of this week.
  • At least my microphone finally arrived this week. I missed out on the My Røde Reel contest by a day, but at least I’ll be ready for next year. I’m going to try making my back up short film to really test it out.
  • I posted two videos this week. I found I am horribly out of practice doing video editing and need to get on that, so I plan to start doing a weekly vlog to keep on top of that, and possibly learn some new tricks.
  • I’ve been having troubles waking up lately. Even more trouble falling asleep. I think my insomnia is getting worse. 😴
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow/later today. 🦃
  • Got a couple quotes to replace the eavestroughs on my house, and add a few more. Despite being unemployed we’ll probably get that done this year rather than risk the decks rotting out more than they already are.
  • Also trying to get some trees cut down (or at least trimmed). I really wish this house would have sold, but doing this repairs/renos/landscaping is so much cheaper than buying a new house. 🌳🪓
  • I did have an interview this week, but I bailed on it while I was I the “virtual waiting room.” I had a few minutes prior to the meeting and started to do some research on the company and find out what they really did, who their clients really were and how they actually paid their employees. None of it matched the job they advertised so I exited the interview. They called me eight hours later to ask to reschedule due to the “technical difficulties” I must have been having. I had to be very clear that there were no technical difficulties, and within five minutes on Google I figured out why they were being so vague about the duties of the job. This is why I have gone back to university. I’m sick of only being qualified for jobs where I get jerked around by corporations that prey on the vulnerable when they have nowhere else to turn when it comes to paying the mortgage. All they’re doing is making a new breed of morally bankrupt salespeople who will say anything to close a deal because that’s the only way they can pay their mortgage this month. Universal Basic Income sure sounds great when this is the alternative.
  • That last point sure turned into a rant, didn’t it?
  • In other news, my wife and I are talking about adopting a puppy. We’ll see how that goes. Since she is working from home for the foreseeable future, and I’ll probably be unemployed for just as long, this is probably the best time to get a dog. It’ll get me out of the house more, and if I’m home anyway, that helps with the whole housebreaking thing. 🐕
  • The cat was glaring at me as I typed that last line. It’s like he knew. I hope he doesn’t shit on the floor in retaliation. It’s kinda his modus operandi. 🐈