The Røde VideoMic NTG: A Quick Tech Review & Unboxing

I have been meaning to buy an external microphone for years, but could never find the right microphone, or reason to buy. Now that I’m in school and finding I need an external microphone, I had a reason to start digging a little deeper and found one that is right for me. Want to know how it sounds right out of the box vs. the built in mic in the camera? Just watch the video above!

Why did I choose this over the Røde VideoMic Pro+?

  1. One reason is the price. It costs about $100 more than the NTG.
  2. Versatility. This microphone will work on my iPhone, iPad, Camcorder, Action Camera, Desktop and Laptop as well as any other camera I buy with a built in microphone input.
  3. 10 year warranty. I’m sure the Pro + has that warranty as well, but it is what sealed the deal when I heard about…
  4. A built in battery, with 30 days of battery life between charges. My Zoom recorder needs a battery once a week, and that’s even if I’m not using it. There is no way 52 AA batteries a year are good for the environment. Plus, if the battery in this stops holding a 30 day charge, I can get it fixed under warranty anytime over the next 10 years.

I have only used it for a little while today, but I am much happier with this than I was the Zoom recorder or any built in microphone on any of the cameras I own. I haven’t tried it with my iPad yet, but if it works out I now may have a portable podcasting rig.

If you’re on the market for a new microphone, I cannot recommend this one enough. You can find it on Amazon by clicking this link here!