STATUS: Stir Crazy

September 20 | 22°C ⛅️ | DAY 177 @ 🏠

  • Seasons are changing and I’m not ready for the cold weather and imminent snow.
  • I’ve been messing with the time lapse feature on my GoPro. That is partially why I bought it in the first place, but I rarely use it. I plan on using it a lot more over the next few months. Aside from the camera on my iPhone, it is the most convenient camera I own.
  • I had to drop my Investigative Journalism class. My work load is a little heavier than expected, and that’s the only class I’m taking this term that I don’t ‘need’ to graduate. I may try to take it next year for fun/personal interest.
  • Now my classes are pretty much confined to Tuesday – Thursday, which leaves me free to work on other projects from Friday – Monday.
  • I’m putting more thought into doing YouTube videos to pass the time. I’m thinking I’ll use the GoPro for that purpose. It’ll give me an excuse to learn Adobe Premier and After Effects.
  • As nice as it is to have all the time in the world, unemployment is ungodly boring. I miss having a routine. I need to start a new one before I go crazy.