Status: Exhausted

September 14 | 14°C ☁️ | DAY 171 @ 🏠

Finally hitting those goals again.
  • I have now been unemployed for a week and a full time university student for a week. I feel just as busy as I have ever been. Possibly more so.
  • Instead of “going to work” I have been spending my days learning and being a stay at home dad. I won’t lie, I miss the paycheque, but spending more time with my daughter is one of the greatest things ever. She’s at that age where she asks a million questions and needs to know everything, and while the attention span lasts we’re able to have actual conversations. I would not trade this for anything right now.
  • Sometime over the next six weeks I need to shoot a 60 second or less film. Two months from now I have to submit an investigative journalism assignment, which will also likely be a video. I have no clue what my other two classes have assigned yet, but I’m going to be busy this month.
  • I just read The Great Gatsby for another class, and I have to say it is one of my favourite books now. This past year I have discovered quite a few authors and poets that I now love, while in past years I couldn’t give away my textbooks fast enough.
  • One of the joys of unemployment is that I get a lot more exercise than I normally do. So yes, I hurt like hell. Maybe I’ll finally lose some weight.
  • I’m hoping to get my home office decluttered this week. I’m doing a lot of Zoom calls, so I would be nice if it looked more like a home office and less like an storage closet, which is basically what it has become.
  • I’m hoping to check out Apple’s livestream tomorrow and GoPro’s on Wednesday. It’ll be nice to see what is new and exciting in terms of dirt cheap filmmaking gear. Although, I’m not sure Apple products are much cheaper than entry level film gear.