Status: Accomplished

September 2 | 12°C 🌧 | DAY 159 @ 🏠

  • Today I received the final textbook I’ll need for this term. possibly for the year depending on how the Winter term goes.
  • I finally got my degree audit done and found out I qualify for a double major. Today I officially declared it, the departments signed off on it, and the registration office out it through. I’m very happy about that right now.
  • My house if officially off the market. Since my last day of work is this Friday, keeping the house sure seems like a good idea to me. Perhaps we’ll renovate and/or rent it out after I graduate in June 2021.
  • Still waiting for that new TV though. It was going to arrive today, but it got delayed. The house seems extra quiet without it. I didn’t realize just how much television we actually watch.
  • At first I was dreading my final day of work, but now I’m starting to look forward to it. It’ll force me to work outside my comfort zone and possibly start working towards a career that I’ll love. Right now I think that career is writing. I’m putting some thought into publishing or journalisms, but we’ll see how the school year goes first.
  • Until then, I’ve been applying everywhere for a part-time job. I don’t want to put all the stress on my wife to be the sole provider for the family, I want to be able to contribute at least enough for groceries every month.
  • Still, I think the only one that will miss me working from home is the cat. When I was on vacation he just slept all day on the couch. Now that I’m working he’s constantly sitting on the stairs beside me, or on my desk (see above), and wanting to play or be pet.