STATUS: Relaxed

AUGUST 15 | 22°C ☁️ | DAY 142 @ 🏠

  • In three weeks I will be unemployed, so these “Day ___ @ 🏠” posts will be meaningless and need to be renamed “Day ___ Without A 🤬 Job”
  • I can’t be too upset. I was planning a summer 2020 exit for years, I just didn’t think things would end this way.
  • Obligatory Caturday post.
  • I’ve been trying to teach a 4 year old to bake. She’s showing more promise than Iever did. See the photo above.
  • I’m on vacation as of today. It will last two weeks, and the I go back to one final week of work before school starts again.
  • I’ve been thinking about starting some other projects this week, to build habits/routines so I don’t slip into a depression. They are:
  1. Go for an early morning walk/run.
  2. Draw one page a day. I have a dozen sketche books gathering dust. Time to fill them.
  3. Start a daily vlog. Why? Because it’s cheaper than therapy, and it will let me shake the rust off my video editing skills which have been dormant for far too long, and possibly something I’ll need to brush up on for this year.
  4. Write a page a day. I’ve come to enjoy writing over the past eight months, and need to keep working at it. Also, I need to build up a portfolio and start submitting to contests.
  • Outside of that I’ve got a lot of work I need to do around the house while we still have the dual incomes.
  • I’ve been cancelling subscriptions and doing what I can to bring down the monthly spending. I see a lot less takeout/delivery in our future. Also, we subscribe to way too many streaming services.
  • On the bright side, I now have a chance to get caught up on my reading list. I have fallen so far behind, I haven’t even had a chance to listen to the audio books.
  • Another bright side to potential unemployment is being able to homeschool my daughter and not have to worry about paying for daycare this year.
  • I wonder if I can write a novel this year?