Status: 🎶Done Done Done Done🎶

AUGUST 6 | 22°C 🌤 | DAY 133 @ 🏠

  • School is done for the month. The whiteboard in the picture will get wiped clean tomorrow, and first week of September, it will be the fullest it’s ever been.
  • I’m happy to see The Far Side is back. Even if it is just sporadic.
  • Now that I’m done with school for a month I have a dozen projects I want to get started on, but I’m going to take the weekend off.

The To-Do List!

  1. Fix stairs
  2. Call contrators
  3. Find a part time job
  4. Teach the kid to ride a bike
  5. Start running
  6. Draw comic
  7. Build an epic marble run for the kid
  8. Write/Submit short stories.
  9. Work on creative portfolio
  10. Finish reading everything on my Kindle.
  11. Clean the basement again.
  12. Rebuild basement work shop.
  • I actually have a lot more to do than this, but this is a good start for one month. I’m just hoping my house sells by the end of the month so I don’t have to do half of that crap.
  • One of my professors emailed me today and suggested I look into becoming a writing tutor next year. I won’t lie, I never thought about it before, but I won’t turn down another income stream.
  • Found out today my kid is still expected to go to kindergarten next month, while I have to do the majority of my university classes online. I may look into homeschooling her this year, but I don’t want her to miss out on the social aspect of kindergarten. She needs to play with kids her age, but the way COVID-19 cases are exploding around here, everyone may be forced to do another semester at home.
  • Still trying to find a suitable telescope for astrophotography, but the one I want has become impossible to find since COVID-19 came around. Seems like everyone wants to get into that hobby now.
  • My daughter has been playing with an old GameCube we found. She’s four now, and got into playing it when she was two. Her favourite gae is Bloody Roar. Assuming Twitch still exists in 13 years, I predict she’ll rule that network.
  • Feels like I have not slept in a week, so I’m going to rectify that before I spend a month not sleeping.