Status: Almost Awake

AUGUST 5 | 29°C 🌤 | DAY 132 @ 🏠

  • Still doing a lot of house showings, so we’ve been taking the kid to the local butterfly garden while people are wandering around our house. Touching our things. Coughing on our light switches, or so I imagine. She’s really into butterflies right now. I may have to put a butterfly garden in our backyard if we don’t sell. 🦋
  • I’m in the middle of a take home exam for my English class. I could have done it all at once, but I’m taking my time with this one. I rushed my final essay, I don’t want to rush this one too.
  • I’ve been doing some job hunting lately. Found some interesting prospects, but there are some major technical issues going on with their applications processes, and no way to contact support. I’m sure they can’t understand why no one is doing the second part of the application process.
  • Been watching a lot of Kids YouTube to keep the kid happy while I’m working. I am so sick of Kids YouTube.
  • Wittling down my courseload for the next year. I need 18 credit hours, but I’m stuck at 21. I don’t want to cut any of them. Still waiting to hear back from my advisor.
  • I’ve got two weeks of vacation coming up, and potential unemployment a week after that, so I’m trying to get as many projects done this month while I can still afford to do them.
  • I’ve started a small portfolio of creative writing I’m hoping to expand on over the next few months. Maybe I’ll be able to sell a couple of them. I’ll still have bills to pay. So many bills.