Status: Friday is Here.

JULY 17 | 22°C 🌤 | DAY 112 @ 🏠

  • I got my wife and daughter Fitbit trackers so they can track their stats as well. With the weather being lousy and the kid feeling sick we really haven’t been getting as much exercise as we’d like. In my case SLEEP & exercise. Right now we’re doing a family competition to see who can get the most steps by the end of the week, and who can get a good night’s sleep. So far the kid is winning in both categories.
  • I got into the film class I’ve been wanting to get into for the better part of two decades. This is the first time I applied. I was always embarrassed by the old films I made, but I graduate in the spring so I took a chance and applied. It paid off. I’m in, and now I have to focus on that class and at least two others so I can graduate in April. Next week I’ll be finding out if I really can graduate with a double major in Filmmaking and English. It would be ideal to have both options available to me.
  • Over the past two weeks I have had two contractors come over to give me quotes on renovations and upgrades around the house. I have at least one more coming over in two weeks and I’d really like to get an electrician in here as well to quo’s me on upgrades to my basement. If I’m going to be doing all these upgrades it would be nice to have a functional shop/home office down there, and I can’t have either without better lighting and electrical outlets.
  • We’re still looking at other houses. I’m losing faith that this house will sell this year. I feel like we’re in it for five more years, so I may as well put the work into it. Since I’m going to have to quit my job to graduate, I may need to consider a part time job at Roma, Home Depot or Lowe’s. Not sure how else I’m going to be able to pay for these renovations. I wonder if they sponsor unpopular blogs?