Status: Eyestrain

JULY 14 | 18°C 🌤 | DAY 109 @ 🏠

Spent most of the day reading short stories and the news while waiting for a contractor who decided not to bother showing up (I guess the contractor stopping by to give me an estimate tomorrow will be getting my business by default…and out of spite.) I’m tired of reading. Which is unfortunate, because I have an English class and assignments I need to read for. I’ll just have to put in twice the effort tomorrow. I think I’ll have to stop reading new articles for a while. I’m starting to get depressed, more so when I realized that I can’t stop reading the news for fear of what I’ll miss. 

In better news, I got my wife and daughter Fitbits. They were on sale, and it might be fun to do some family challenges. It’ll be nice to give us an excuse to be more active after months of being locked up and social distancing.

It just occurred to me I have less than a month of school left. In fact, my last class is 17 days from now. Looking at the class outline, I am going to be swamped for the next two weeks. Possibly longer. 

My WordPress plan expired the other day, so I guess I’ll be doing all my blogging on Tumblr now. Fewer people read these posts here, but that’s fine. I have my suspicions that most of my ‘readers’ on WordPress were bots. Funny that WordPress owns Tumblr now. I wonder how much longer it will allow Tumblr to remain as is?

August will feel weird. It will be the first time since last September that I have nothing to do. I’m taking off the last two weeks of August, and will likely be losing my job around that time, so it will feel very weird. It will be the first time in 13 years I face unemployment, so I will have two full weeks of nothing to do. September 1st I start my final year of university, which will keep me busy until April 2021, but for the last two weeks of August, I guess I’ll be doing my best to be the best dad I can be. Especially since the kid starts school this year. Assuming we aren’t faced with another lockdown this year, she’ll probably be wanting to spend more time with her friends than her dad, so I’m going to make the best of those two weeks.

I’ve got a dozen projects I need to do around the house, so I better start planning those out while we still have the budget to do them. I may have to get a part-time job at Lowes or Home Depot to do them all.