STATUS: Then there was one.

JULY 5 | 24°C 🌧 | DAY 100 @ 🏠

  • Down to my last class of the term, and it feels good to say that.
  • I’ve got my real assignment due this week. It’s based on poetry, which is pretty much as far away as I can get from my comfort zone, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • I don’t have high hopes on the house selling by the end of the month, so I have started asking around for estimates on renovations. At the very least, I just want a second bathroom in this house before winter.
  • While my kid is obsessing over going to kindergarten, I’ve been obsessing over the classes I’m going to take next term. I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from one department to see if I got into a certain class. If not, I may have to change up my major real quick. I may just change up my major anyway. If I go with an English major I might be able to keep my job during the school year, which would be nice. I do like not having to worry too much about how we’re going to pay the mortgage.