Status: This is still here?!?

JUNE 30 | 29°C ⛈ | DAY 95 @ 🏠

  • I just spent the past three days writing an eight page narrative critique on Tom King and Mitch Gerads’ graphic novel Mister Miracle. I have read and re-read that story so many times over the past week, I’m not sure I want to see it again for a while. Every time I read it I discover something new.
  • In addition to my eight page essay, I also had to write three four page essays on the Apple Watch. One of which I need to revise tonight and tomorrow and submit by Thursday. What did I learn while writing about the Apple Watch? I learned that I don’t think I want one. At least not yet. Maybe when I can fully replace my iPhone with a Dick Tracy style watch, it’ll be something I can use to replace my Fitbit.
  • I also had to write another essay this afternoon as a sort of Final Exam. I am actually kind of impressed this keyboard is still working. It’s received a lot more use than it usually does over these past few days. On the bright side, as of July 2nd I only have an English class to work on for the rest of July, and then I’m off for one whole month.
  • Tomorrow is July 1st, Canada Day. So no work and no school. I’m curious to see if there are large social gatherings downtown for fireworks. Not that I’d be going anywhere near large groups of people to begin with, but I am curious.
  • We have one more month to sell our house before we take it off the market again. It’s not the end of the world. It just means I’ll have to start doing renovations to make this house the house I want to live in for the next 10+ years.
  • It was clear and ungodly hot all day. Now it has clouded over and I hear thunder rumbling the distance. It looks like a massive storm is rolling in, and those always make me nervous. When I was a kid, I loved thunderstorms. Now I worry about flooded basements and property damage. As I write this, that thunder is getting louder and the lightning much brighter. I really hope this passes us over quickly.
  • I’ve been thinking about giving up on my film degree and just going all in on English this Fall. If I really push myself I might be able to graduate this December, which is good, because I might have to quit my job to finish my degree, and I’d rather be unemployed for only four months, rather than eight. I only need one more film class, and COVID-19 is not making it easy for me to get it. Since the English classes are all being taught online this Fall, I’m thinking I’ll just load my schedule up with English classes and get it done this Fall. If August hits and I start feeling the need to look out for my mental health, maybe I’ll just take 9 credits in the fall and 9 in the winter. That will certainly make it easier to manage expectations.
  • Ugh. Speaking of COVID-19, I ordered a bunch of masks from a guy in the USA. Somehow they got “lost” when they got handed off from USPS to Canada Post. At least I’m getting a refund. So instead of getting some unique artistic masks, we’ll be wearing much cheaper, less fancy masks from Old Navy. It’s funny how these things are becoming fashion accessories. Gotta wonder how long until Apple decides to make their own. Within five years we’ll all be wearing helmets with built-in iPhones that make us look like the guys from Daft Punk. Actually, I think I’d be down with that.