Status: Insomnia

June 22 | 13°C ☁️ | DAY 87 @ 🏠

It is currently 2:15am. I cannot sleep. In five hours I need to start getting ready for work. Nine hours after that I need to write a formal essay and begin work on an assignment for English that will not be announced until tomorrow evening.

I am tired and stressed out. I think it’s due to work, school and trykng to sell/buy a new house during a pandemic. I need to get some sleep but my brain just won’t let me flip the off switch. I’m tempted to just go all in, make some coffee and get started on that essay now.

I am supposed to be participating in a study/treatment for insomnia, but I have yet to start it. I keep putting it off due to the inconvenience of the process. I am regretting all that procrastination now.