Status: Nearing Exhaustion

APRIL 23 | 17°C 🌤

  • The rest of the set arrived today, so we opened them up. I love the detail they put into these, especially on The Thing. My only gripe is the excessive glue on the Human Torch and how the Invisible Girl can’t stand up under her own. I need to find a proper display case for these and the rest of my Fantastic Four collection.
  • Speaking of the Fantastic Four, my daughter watched the first two episodes of the early 90s cartoon. They are really bad.
  • The cat only has one more dose of medicine left, which is good. He’s pretty much back to normal. Much more social today.
  • I like working from home right now. I save a large amount of money by not commuting and going out for breakfast, lunch and coffee everyday. Still, it would be nice to separate work from home. Also, she won’t admit it, but I think the kid misses going to daycare.
  • To kill the boredom I have considered buying a Nintendo Switch. It seems that is impossible now. You cannot buy one for anything close to retail price. I made my frustrations known on Twitter and suddenly got DMs about people offering to sell theirs. That kindness seems a little suspicious to me. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Still, I’m not paying $699 for a Nintendo. Ever.
  • We do have an Xbox One S, and it’s fine for the time being, but it doesn’t have a game selection as family friendly as Nintendo’s.
  • I’m looking forward to the weekend. I have about two weeks until my university classes resume, and have a few projects I’d like to work on before life gets insanely busy from May 4th to July 30th.