Status: No.

APRIL 20 | -2°C 🌨

  • Big surprises: it’s snowing again.
  • I get to select my Spring/Summer classes tomorrow. I’m going to double down on taking English as a second major and doing everything I can to become a better writer.
  • At this point I think my end goal is getting into journalism. I’ve been researching it for a few weeks and may be the best fit to match with my interests.
  • The cat is doing better. He left his fortress of solitude under the bathroom sink to visit me while I worked today. Hope he makes a full recovery. This infection really got to him this time.
  • It’s only Monday but it feels like the weeks are dragging on. The realization that it’s my birthday next Friday just hit me. The weeks are dragging on but the years are flying by.
  • I drank 4 cups of coffee today and one cup of tea. I must be losing my edge. There was a time you’d never see me with a cup of tea. Lightly flavoured water with no kick. Disgusting.
  • I have a headache.
  • I also read three omnibus’ of Tranmetropolitan this weekend. I need to switch to something less real. Maybe Fantastic Four?