Status: The Usual

APRIL 19 | 9°C ☁️

  • The cat seems to being okay today. He spent half the day stoned and hiding I finally got him to come out and eat something. He’s a lot more social now. Hopefully he keeps getting better.
  • On the bright side, I got 100% on the last essay I wrote this year. That was the highlight of a pretty lousy weekend.
  • Still waiting to hear back about my final assignment. It’s the only one I’m worried about, and because it’s creative work, I’m really hoping to get some notes on it.
  • Got a notification that we can expect snow in the next 24 hours. Not impressed. My yard almost dry.
  • Two weeks ago I ordered groceries online. Today they arrived. Everything looked good. Produce looked fresh. I ordered another two week supply of groceries right away. Anything to avoid leaving the house right now.
  • Making a game plan to work on the yard next weekend, assuming it dries up enough. Then we just gotta keep the interior of the house looking nice. The day this COVID-19 business is over, my house is going back on the market. I had someone interested in it a week before we were going to put it on the market. If that would have worked out I’d be spending more time packing now. Although most of the house is already packed up. All that’s left out are the essentials and my daughter’s toys.