Status: Stressed

APRIL 18 | 4°C ☁️

  • Spent two hours sitting in a veterinary parking lot this afternoon.
  • Because of Coronavirus, I wasn’t allowed to go into the building with my cat so I had to sit in the parking lot while the vet ran their tests.
  • My phone died so I found a ballpoint pen and a pad of graph paper and just started drawing to kill time.
  • Above you’ll see the masterpiece I drew on my steerywheel. It’s the view of the building from the driver’s seat.
  • $230 later, the cat is fine. He just needs a week of antibiotics. They gave him some painkillers to chill home out. Now he’s stoned off his ass licking his paws on the stairs.
  • On the bright side I was able to pick up coffee and donuts from Tim Horton’s. I haven’t had that in over a month now.