Status: Anxious

APRIL 16 | 2°C 🌤

  • I had to leave the house today. Cat food, human food and medicine were running low. Can only rely on delivery services for so long.
  • For the most part people keep six feet away. I figure if I stop showering for next time, they’ll stay much further away. The family might veto that idea.
  • It’s sad that hand soap is hard to find. I was able to get some, but most of the shelves were sold out.
  • Mattel got back to me. They will replace the broken fridge in my daughter’s Barbie Dream House at no cost. They’re customer service is better than most appliance companies.
  • Getting a bit of cabin fever. Trying to pass the time by staying busy. Have a mountain of laundry to do, and a house that need needs to be scrubbed top to bottom so we can hopefully get it back on the market this year.
  • The yard still looks like hell. Almost looking forward to doing yard work this year. Almost. I’m still allergic to everything I’m that yard, which is part of the reason I want to sell this house.