Status: Tired

Transmetropolitan #1 by Warren Ellis

APRIL 15 | 1°C ☀️

  • I feel I should be exercising with all this down time. Maybe then I’d be less tired. Maybe I’m just bored.
  • Less than a week until I register for the spring/summer term. I’m going to try to take more classes than I can handle so I might end up with more grey hair by the time it’s over.
  • I registered a new website address: will be this blogs companion site.
  • Still looking at houses. We need to get our house back on the market first, but I’d really like to move before September. Thanks to the pandemic we might just have to sit tight for another year. Not thrilled about that.
  • The image above is from Transmetropolitan #1 by Warren Ellis. This is one of my favorite issues of any series, and I really wish I knew about it when it was originally hitting the shelves.