Social Distancing – Day 18: Easter Sunday 🐣

This social distancing thing has been tough on my daughter. She hasn’t seen her friends in almost a month, or her cousins and grandparents in even longer. Her mother and I have been working from home, and she’s been bored and lonely all day because she’s got no one but the cat to play with…and he’s not the most social beast.

Last week I saw her obsessing over YouTube videos of the Barbie DreamHouse, and figured maybe this will keep her busy while I’m trying to work. So I bought it for her, hid it, and told her the Easter Bunny got her a surprise instread of chocolate this year. She was okay with this. Especially when she found the box.

The only downside was the fridge was scuffed up, had a bend in the cardboard backing and a giant crack on the top of it. I already emailed Mattel about it. I’m hoping I can get her a replacement, but I might have to get crafty with some crazy glue and paint.

This will be our first Easter weekend by ourselves. We usually see the family, but due to social distancing we’re keeping to ourselves this weekend. Just did a lot of FaceTime calls. So far the plan is to have Meatloaf(or Chicken Wings) for Easter Dinner with Pecan Pie for dessert.

Social distancing is necessary, but I do miss donuts, going out for coffee, movies at the cinema, visiting art stores, comic shops, and going to the grocery store before work starts.

Just a few more months.